Stumptown Cakes, LLC

When someone orders a cake from me I am focused on the wow factors of how it will look when presented, and how it will taste through the last bite. I only take on one or two cake orders per week so that I can focus fully on each cake order.

My decorating style is very eclectic. I have taken decorating classes from Nicholas Lodge, Collette Peters, Debbie Brown, Kim Morrison, Kathy Scott, and NW favorites like Lucinda Larson, Mari Senaga, Kelly Lance, Mike McCary, Carol Webb as well as many others. All have influenced my style but more importantly they have taught me to have no fear and to go for it. I strive to make every one of my cakes an original design uniquely its own. Even when given a photo of a cake as inspiration I work with my clients to vary the elements and make the cake uniquely suited to them.

Flowers and other decorations may be made weeks ahead but to be as fresh as possible my cakes are never baked more than one or two days before the event. I have started to purchase cakes from a wholesale bakery who delivers the cakes fresh frozen. I use these great tasting cakes for classes and for clients who want to spend more on the design than the cake itself.

I personally prefer the texture and taste of a fresh baked cake made from the freshest Northwest ingredients I can get. I try to avoid preservatives or other additives. My favorite recipe is my Peanut Butter Italian Meringue. It was inspired by my Grandmother Margaret Sinkhorn’s peanut butter balls recipe. I like to experiment with flavors by combining different cakes, fillings and icings. The best part of customized cakes is that there are no limits to the variety or combinations of flavors or design.

Organic, gluten free, and other specialty cakes are becoming more popular. I am unable to offer these items as my kitchen equipment is used to make products using non-organic, gluten ingredients, and allergens like nuts, dairy and eggs.

My kitchen is fully licensed through the State of Oregon, the City of West Linn, and the Oregon State Dept. of Agriculture. I follow every safety precaution and use industry standards in food handling procedures and in keeping my kitchen equipment clean. I see my inspector as a partner in my business and have pride in my facilities.

I love to teach and try to keep a roster of classes with West Linn Parks and Recreation as well as on my own. I also love the DIY cake decorator and have a program specifically geared towards giving them a little help and guidance in accomplishing their dream cakes at an affordabe DIY price.

I appreciate and value all of my customers and orders big and small.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope to be chatting with you soon.